Karl deep in thought

Karl is 40 and in The Moaning of Life we see the now very well travelled Karl experience how other cultures face up to some of life’s biggest issues, while at the same time pontificating, gesticulating and speculating on the meaning of human existence.

First of all, only 40?

Ok, so musically, we wanted to reflect the approach of the series as a whole, moving away from the buffoonish, idiotic persona and developing something a little more grown up. Of course, Karl hasn’t changed, so the stylistic elements we established for An Idiot Abroad are still in evidence. But, he’s nobody’s fool now, he’s his own man, and we wanted to articulate that in some way by adding a little more warmth to the music.

As part of the launch, I also scored the Sky One ident, which will be broadcast throughout the first season of the show.

On a side note, I’m pleased with the cue titles. That is all.